Midas Consultants

Business councils:

Midas Consultants (Private) Limited was established in 2017 that offers consultancy services and engagement plans for foreign companies in Pakistan and abroad it connects different national and international enterprises with each other for their joint interest and joins them to our idea pools and different business councils depending on their interest. Midas Consultants have established its monopoly through various business councils. Midas Consultants makes the whole range of available market data pertinent to businesses and investors and also interprets information objectively to make it relevant to the company and their respective country.




Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal Chief Executive Officer, Midas Consultants (Private) Limited

Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal is a LLB graduate. He retired as the Federal Secretary of Information to the Government of Pakistan. He served as Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broad Casting. He remained Chairman Pakistan Television Cooperation/Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation and Director General Radio Pakistan. He also remained Principle Information Officer to the Government of Pakistan. He also held the key role position as the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Press Counselor, Pak High Commission to India, New Dehli. Presently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Midas Consultants (Private) Limited.